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Awareness Corporation founder and CEO Mark Tahiliani, contributes money and volunteer time to the Homeless Outreach Programs, Inc., throughout the year, and has been doing so since 1997. Mark Tahiliani and his family also donate their time to help the various programs run throughout the year. The "Homeless Haircut Marathon" and "Kids Helping Kids" are two of the valuable programs that benefit from these donations.

Mark Tahiliani and many of his Awareness Corporation employees help the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) in the Haircut Marathon held in Downtown Phoenix. This event helps people living on the street or in shelters to "clean up" in an effort to help make them presentable for possible employment opportunities.

The "Kids Helping Kids" program is another annual event that Mark Tahiliani and Awareness Corporation support each year. Maricopa County school children help raise money to provide toys, socks, and underclothing to homeless children around Phoenix. Tahiliani and Awareness match the donations of the children to help supplement the program.

Awareness Corporation has been involved with these programs since it moved its headquarters to Phoenix from Canada in 1996, when the company nearly doubled the contributions of the children, providing Christmas for nearly 1,000 kids.

Since July 1995, Mark Tahiliani and Awareness Corporation have rendered continuous support to the World Vision Program. Through this organization, Tahiliani sponsors destitute children in foreign lands by forwarding donations to various World Vision branches around the world.

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